Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ALMOST a Personal Best.

Attitude is such a funny thing.  I was kind of tired yesterday morning and just not really in the mood to run.  I was working from home and getting a few things accomplished and I had almost talked myself into skipping my usual lunch time run.  After all, I had run Friday and Saturday morning.  Taking two days off would be fine.  Then of course I started having second (and third and fourth) thoughts and decided to go for it.  I decided to just run a relaxed 3 miler and just get it over with so the sadist that lives inside my brain would leave me alone for the rest of the day.

I got out and my ankle was a little sore and I almost turned around a couple times in the first 5 minutes. I live at the bottom of a pretty long hill, so every run starts out with that thing in the way. I got to the top of the hill and checked my watch and saw that my pace was very slow at about 11:30.  I decided to pick it up a little and the next thing I know I'm feeling really good.  By the time I hit the 1 mile mark my pace had improved considerably and I was still feeling great.  The idea of trying for my personal best struck me at about the half way mark.  It had been such a long time since that idea even occurred to me that I couldn't remember what my PB was so I just started going as fast as I could.

In the end, I didn't come close to my PB (off by about 45 seconds) but still ran my fastest 3 mile time since June of 2010.  I'm glad I didn't skip a day or turn around when I wanted to.  I think I'm going to run it again today, but I'm not going to try for the PB again.  At least I don't think I will. :-)

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