Thursday, November 3, 2011

Born to Run

Late last summer, just before I started running again I read "Born to Run" by Chrisopher McDougall.  Reading this book really helped to get me back at it.  Runners and sane people alike that are looking for a good read should check this book out.  It is very well written and I find a lot of the arguments that Mr. McDougall makes regarding "modern" running shoes quite interesting.  I can't say that I have bought into everything that he says in the book.  I haven't attempted to convert to barefoot running, at least not yet.  I HAVE worked hard to change the mechanics of my running and I have worked hard to change my attitude about running.  Mostly I've tried to keep in mind that I run because it is fun.  I enjoy it a lot. For me, it's really important to keep in mind that I run because I like to run.

One of the things I've done to try and keep that in focus is to ditch my iPod.  If someone suggested that I do that as recently as last Spring I would have said no way.  In the past I wouldn't even consider running a 5K that didn't allow headphones.  A few months ago I deliberately left the iPod at home when I went on a training run because I wanted to focus on my form and I didn't want any distractions. No iPod, no watch, nothing extra.  I found that run to be the most enjoyable experience running that I have had in a long time and I was hooked.  I haven't run with the iPod since then and haven't regretted it once.  I have gone back to using the watch to keep track of my time and distance.  I keep an eye on it while I run to see what my pace is, but I try not to get too caught up in the numbers head games.

Recently my times have been going down.  I'm not sure if that is because of the changes I have made or just from the fact that I'm running more.  I'm not overly concerned about running at a certain time anymore except from the stand point that when I do actually run in my race I would like to finish in under 5 hours.  If I can average a 10:00 mile I'll come in at around 4:35:00 but I plan to stop and enjoy the sites, drink Gatorade at the tables, etc.. so 5 hours is a good goal.

The race isn't until March so I've got some time to wait before I actually start training.  Until then I'm just going to keep having fun.

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