Saturday, November 5, 2011

C&O Canal Early Morning Run

Headed out to the canal shortly before sunrise this morning. I parked my car at the tail end of New Design Road and headed upstream toward Point of Rocks. I had never run in that area before and I really enjoyed the scenery.  I stopped a couple times and took pictures.  I have never allowed myself to stop during a run before.  As part of my new attitude about running I'm trying to be more relaxed.  I stopped twice to take pictures and one other time to talk to a guy that was setting up to go dog sledding. Well sort of like dog sledding.  The "sled" had wheels on it.  I guess it's a kind of training sled they use when there isn't any snow.

Somewhere in the first mile, I almost stepped on a snake that was coiled up on the middle of the path.  I don't know anything about snakes so I get pretty freaked out when I come across one by chance.  I managed to keep my cool and just kind of went around it.  I tried not to think about it too much and kept running, but on the way back I made sure I ran the last mile on the other side of the path!

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