Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ChristmasTown Dash 2011

It's been a couple weeks since we ran, but I need to follow up on the ChristmasTown Dash 8K that Logan and I ran together.

The race was a lot of fun!  Logan was pretty nervous going into it because he didn't train much leading up to the race.  In fact, he didn't run at all until just 11 days before the big day!  Like a lot of people, he often underestimates what he is capable of and this was no exception.  On our two or three mile training runs he would often tell me that he didn't think he could do it.  It was difficult to convince him what I already knew, that he was more than capable of being ready to run the race in time if he just put in the work.  Our entire training plan was simple; run at least two miles every other day.

To make a long story short, he did great!  He even took off and beat me by about five seconds at the end.

In the days after the race, I have been taking it easy.  My right ankle has been sore and I need to get healed up before I start training for the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach in March.  I've been keeping my runs to 3 miles with at least one rest day in between.  On January First I'll start the 10 week training schedule. Until then, I'll rest as much as I can stand it.

Pictures of the CTD:

Pre-race. Cindi and Samie were there to cheer us on. Lauren had to work so she stayed home. :-(

This is right before we rounded the corner in the last half mile.

Logan is ditching his Santa hat. The morning started of cold but it warmed up quite a bit during the race!

The happy finishers.

One of the race sponsors was Chick Fil-a. Before the 8K, they had a 1/2 mile kids fun run with the Chick Fil-a cows. Who can resist any opportunity to have your picture taken with someone in a cow suit?

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