Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fourteen Weeks and Counting

Week one of training didn't start off so hot for a couple reasons. The first was that I didn't realize that I was already supposed to be training!  Somehow I got it in my head that my training plan was only ten weeks when it was actually sixteen.  When I grabbed a calendar and started counting I discovered that I only have fourteen weeks until the race I panicked just a little. OK, maybe more than just a little.

After I read everything through again I realized that the training plan I'm using is for true rookies.  I haven't run a full marathon before, but I'm in decent shape.  The first two weeks, the long runs were only five and six miles so I'm actually not behind at all.  If anything, I'm ahead of schedule.  My long run this weekend will only be seven miles which I know I can do so all is well.

I'm fortunate enough to have a lot of people in my life that want me to succeed at this and I'm friends with a few people that have run marathons before.  I'm sure I will turn to all of those people for encouragement and advice as I move through this.

I plan to do as many of my long runs at the C&O Canal as possible. I'll be there this Saturday. :-)

Also, I wrote a silly caption for a picture on the ChristmasTown Dash's Facebook page and was one of a dozen people to win an ornament.  It arrived in the mail yesterday.

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