Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weeks Two and Three

I haven't updated the blog for a couple weeks.  I know my readers (both of you) have been on the edge of your seats waiting for an update and I do apologize for keeping you waiting.

Since my last update I've been on two long runs at the Canal.  An 8 miler that I quite enjoyed and a 10 miler that I enjoyed but struggled with at the end.  I was a little surprised that the latter run gave me as much trouble as it did.  Looking back, I think my diet is at least partially to blame for that.

8 Mile Run, Christmas Eve
I started at the Mouth of the Monocacy parking lot and ran down stream.  Like I said above, I really enjoyed this run a lot.  I had never been on this part of the canal before and I always like seeing new things.  A big highlight of the run for me was coming across a blue heron.  I stopped and took a couple pictures of it.  I was surprised that it let me get as close as I did without reacting.  After I took the last shot I jogged off and it just watched me go without moving.

On my return trip, I came across the same bird again but this time it was up in a tree.  It flew off when I came around a corner.  It's wingspan was enormous.  I wasn't able to get a picture of that.

10 Mile Run, New Years Eve
Running the week before, I passed a parking lot that I didn't know about.  I went home and looked it up on Google Maps and found out that it was Dickerson Conservation Park.  I decided to start my run there so could explore more of the trail.  The park was kind of creepy early in the morning.  There isn't anything there at all aside from the parking lot which was empty when I arrived.  I felt uncomfortable there and I doubt I will start anymore runs from this point.

I headed downstream again this week and made it all the way to (and past) White's Ferry which I had never visited before.  I felt pretty good for about the first 6 miles or so.  The last four were something of a struggle.  I'm fighting off a bit of a cold and I wasn't eating very well the night before so those are both contributing factors.

This time I took a small camera with me and snapped some shots as I ran.  I didn't notice that the date stamp was turned on and displaying the wrong date until the end of the run.

I used the camera to distract myself and took a few shots here and there.  I surprised a couple of  runners coming the other way, but they didn't seem to mind.  The big reward came at the end of the run when I followed a trail across from where I parked that took me out to the rivers edge for a really nice view of the river.

Approaching White's Ferry.

I called out "say cheese" as they approached. :-)



Treebeard isn't going to like this, Pippin.

Tired but happy.

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