Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week Four - 11 Miles at the Canal

The training plan called for an 11 mile long run yesterday.  We have been experiencing some really nice weather in my area the last few days and I was happy that the warm streak would continue through Saturday.  Of course at 8:30 in the morning it's still pretty cold, but the sun was out and I was ready to go.

The thing that made this run fun was that I didn't have to do an out and back.  Instead, Cindi said she would pick me up at White's Ferry and drive me back to the car.  I REALLY liked the idea of just running in one direction and not having to turn around and go back.  I checked the map and found what I thought would be the perfect run.  Noland's Ferry to White's Ferry.  According to my calculations it would be about 10.5 miles. The plan was just to run past White's Ferry for about a 1/4 and then turn around.  No problem.

Except that my calculations were all wrong.  I got to White's Ferry and my Garmin said it was only 8.8 miles!  Arriving at what I expected to be the finish line only to learn that I still had more than two miles to go was a bit disheartening but I tried not to let it inside my head too much.  Sometimes I tend to react rather badly when things don't go according to plan, but I did a pretty good job of just putting it out of my head.  I ran the extra mile past White's Ferry and turned around.  When I got back I found Cindi waiting for me.  I was also greeted by a black lab with a stick that he wanted me to throw.

Sorry, no picture this time.  I didn't bring Lauren's camera and I didn't break out the phone for pictures because I wanted to run the entire distance without stopping.  I accomplished that goal and also experimented a little with some energy gel.  I was trying Gu, Espresso Love; I liked the tasted even though it was a bit sweet. I had a little bit of indigestion afterward but that's probably because I didn't drink enough water with it.  I did feel my energy level rise a little a few minutes after taking it in so I'm going to continue to experiment with that.

I hope do do a similar run next week, but I'll have to employ better calculations.  Maybe it's time to dust off the slide rule?

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