Sunday, January 22, 2012

Windsor Knolls 14 Miles

My streak of dry, warm (mostly warm at least) weather ended this weekend.  Friday night we got a about an inch of snow which is no big deal, but that was followed by a nice layer of freezing rain which made driving to the canal out of the question.  Driving would have been too dangerous and I can't imagine running 14 miles on ice would have been very easy.  On a side note, I read about a cool product to help with that called Yaktrax ( that I'm going to have to pick up at some point.

I decided to wait until later in the day Saturday and hope that the ice would melt.  It didn't.  Finally around 11:00 I decided I would just run on the roads and stay on the parts that had been treated.  I figured out a 14 mile there and back route through my development and went for it.

Running around where I live and running at the canal aren't anything alike.  The canal is flat and soft and running in Windsor Knolls is all pavement and hills.  I told myself to ignore my pace and just try to concentrate on staying upright.  I managed to complete the entire run without falling, although I came close a couple times.

One highlight of the run was watching people try to clear ice off of their driveways with snow-blowers.  I passed one guy four times and he had maybe cleared off a space big enough to put a car in.

Another highlight came at mile 11 when I was starting to really fade.  I was coming toward a cross street and my friend Jay ran past.  Jay and I ran the Baltimore Half Marathon together and seeing him lifted my spirits considerably.  I tried to catch him but our routes didn't match up and I didn't even come close but he provided me some much needed inspiration at just the right time.  I texted him later to say thanks.

I finished the run pretty strong and felt great for about 5 minutes.  After that I started getting sore.  I was surprised at just how sore I was all day after the run.  I wore my compression socks which have helped a lot.  My legs feel pretty good this morning and I don't think I'll miss any training this week.

No pictures this time.  I didn't bring a camera because I was worried about falling and breaking it.  This screen capture of my Garmin data is the only picture I really need.  If you click on the image it will take you to the Garmin website.  Click on the green arrow and you can play the entire run.  This should be hours of fun for the whole family.

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