Saturday, February 11, 2012

C&O Canal 18 Miler

After weeks of running by myself I decided to try running with others so I joined a local running club.  I haven't been able to make it to any of the club sponsored runs because none of the runs they were doing matched up with my training schedule very well.  I decided to just post a message to the club's Facebook page and see if anyone wanted to come with me on one of my long runs at the canal.  I was thrilled when a few people expressed interest and two of them, a couple named Eric and Beth, actually worked it into their schedule to meet up with me Friday afternoon.

We met at Point of Rocks and ran three miles upstream to the Catoctin Aqueduct.  We stopped there for a minute to drink and then turned around and ran back to POR.  Once there Beth cut her speed back quite a bit and Eric and I headed downstream to the Mouth of the Monocacy Aqueduct.  It was really nice having someone to chat with while we ran and Eric was much better at regulating speed than I am which turned out to be a great help.

We messed up our calculations and turned around a half mile too soon so we got back to POR having only run 17 miles.  By then it was really dark and Eric was nursing a sore knee so he decided to stop there rather than risk running in the dark.  I felt really good so I went ahead and ran the last mile by myself.  I felt so good that I was tempted to try for 20 and if it hadn't been so dark I might have given it a go.  In the end, I think it is better to quit feeling like you can do more rather than push yourself to the limit and feel like death.

I snapped a few pictures when I got there but I didn't want to freak Eric and Beth out with picture taking so I put the camera in the car before they arrived.  I think if we meet up again they would be ok with a picture or two.

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