Tuesday, February 21, 2012

C&O Canal, 20 Miler

I was a little nervous about trying to tackle my first 20 mile run but not as much as some of the other distances I've run.  My confidence is getting stronger and I'm actually starting to feel like I can do this.  The training runs have been hard at times, but the last few have been pretty easy.

I met up with Eric and Beth again for this run and we were also joined by another Steeplechaser named Judy.  While Eric, Beth and I are relative rookies at running long distances, Judy is not.  Judy has competed in a lot of marathons and has also completed several ultra-marathons including one 100 mile trail ultra.  She has also completed an Iron Man Triathlon.  So going for a 20 mile jog on the C&O Canal was not something Judy was intimidated by in the least. :-)

This time we all met at Noland's Ferry and ran south for five miles, then turned around and came back.  The first ten miles went easily and everyone felt good.  We stopped at our cars to shed the top layer of clothing as the temperatures rose, grab a quick drink and some energy gel before heading back out for the 2nd half.  Eric and Beth had 16 miles on their training plans for the day and I knew that they would turn around after 3 miles headed north so I took a couple pictures before we headed back out.

After three miles upstream Eric and Beth turned back to finish their 16 while Judy and I kept going for another two.  Judy was such a good coach!  If I had prayed for the perfect running partner to complete my first twenty miler with, Judy would have been the answer.  We chatted off and on and Judy told me stories about some of the races she's run in and before I knew it we had turned around and twenty miles was in the books.

I'm planning to run another twenty miler this Saturday and then it will be almost time to start my taper.  Next week I'll still run about 30 miles but the long run on Saturday will only be 10 miles.  After that my mileage will go way down until race day on the 18th.

Here are a few pics from Saturday.

The Potomac River as seen from Noland's Ferry.

From Left to Right; Eric, Judy and Beth.

Beth offered to get a shot of me with Eric and Judy. :-)

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