Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Frederick HM Training

Just when you thought you were safe, I have even more stuff to say.  Well, not too much to say really but at least I have pictures.

It's been about a month since the marathon and I have continued my tradition of learning things the hard way.  I didn't run at all for a whole five days after the race before going for a 3 mile run.  That was probably about 9 days too soon and I should have known it by the amount of pain I was having in my Achilles tendons (yes, both of them).  Instead of being smart and laying off for a week I laid off for a couple days and then went out and ran 3 days in a row and then 16 miles in two days both at faster pace than I have ever run before.  After running 10 miles at a 9:23 pace, I decided to try for a 2 hour HM in Frederick.  I knew that I was really sore but I guess I thought I could tough it out, add some speed work over the next few weeks and set that huge personal record.  In reality I was just being really stupid.

I followed the fast 10 miler with a 6 mile run on a really uneven trail and then I blew up. After the trail run both of my Achilles were screaming and I couldn't ignore them anymore.  I finally acknowledged the injury and took a week off of running.  While I was on my break I did a lot of eccentric calf raises (12 on each leg, 3 times per day) and used a lot of KT tape.  I resumed running last Friday but at a much slower pace and shorter distances.  It's getting better but still not 100%.  My 2 hour goal was a bit of a stretch for me anyway so I've all but given that up.  Maybe if race conditions are good I might be able to beat my personal record by a few minutes but I don't think I'll try for 2 hours.

After Frederick I'm going to take at least two weeks off entirely to let my body heal.  I plan to wait until the Achilles both stop hurting entirely, then add a week.  Then I'll think about training for another Marathon, which will most likely be Richmond, VA in November.

I almost forgot, I ran 8 miles on Monday at an area of the C&O Canal that I had not visited before.  I parked at Pennyfield Lock Road and ran upstream 4 miles.  This was a really scenic area of the park and I look forward to running there again.  I passed a couple of working locks and crossed the Seneca Aqueduct.  I need to run 10-12 miles this Saturday and I would like to go back there if it works out.  If I do, I'll bring a better camera with me.  The pictures below were taken with my phone.  I had to stop running to take these shots but I didn't mind.  Temperatures were in the mid 80's, so I didn't need much of an excuse to stop!

Happy Running!