Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Marathon Number Six - Week Five

Week five of the training plan looks like this:

Sunday, Rest or cross training
Monday, Lactate threshold 9M w/5M @ HMP
Tuesday, Recovery 5M
Wednesday, General aerobic 10M
Thursday, Rest or cross training
Friday, Recovery 5M
Saturday, Long run 16M w/10M @ MP


Weight: 177

Health: Fair. More back pain than usual and I have developed an open sore on the top of one of my toes.


Sunday - Because I took Saturday as a rest day, I needed to get in a few miles.  I ran 5 in the neighborhood.  The first four easy and the last one at marathon pace.

Monday - This workout is not one that I look forward to, 9 miles with the last 5 at half marathon pace.  I'm typically nervous going into these and will spend the warm-up miles convinced that I won't be able to hit my paces when the time comes to speed up.  I don't think I've ever done a tempo run where I didn't hit my paces, but that doesn't stop me from trying to psych myself out of it.  I feel pretty good about the run, although I have my doubts about my ability to actually hold that pace for 13.1 miles.  I thought about that a few times when I was running it, but I just kept telling myself "fake it til you make it".  Here are my splits:

Tuesday - Just an easy paced five miler on campus.  The weather wasn't quite as warm as I expected so I was a bit under-dressed wearing just shorts, a long sleeve tech shirt and a light sweatshirt. I briefly thought about heading to the gym and running on the treadmill but decided to stick it out. It wasn't too bad as long as I stayed in the sun so I opted to run the one mile loop three times instead of going out to to the one mile walking trail.  The trail is lined with trees and I love the shade it provides in the summer months, but not so much on days like that one.

Wednesday - The workout for the day was ten miles at easy pace or what Pfitzinger refers to as a "General Aerobic run."  I joined a couple of guys from work after running a couple warm-up miles on my own.  One of the guys said he didn't have much going on in the office so he ran the last 8 miles with me which was very nice.  We stuck to running on campus and chatted about running, the FDA, running and a little bit of pop culture (past and present) and also running.

By chance, I happened to glance at my yearly mileage total over on the right side of the screen.  At the time the number was 1430.  I try not to get too caught up in that sort of thing, but 1430 is pretty close to 1500 and 1500 is a nice round number. So I took a look at my training plan and, if my math is right, calculated that I will have 1498 miles for the year if I stick exactly to my plan. I would probably get the extra miles just by running over a little here and there for the next 10 days but no need to chance it.  I'll have to pick up a couple miles on one of my rest days.

Thursday - Of course the best weather of the week shows up on my rest day!  It was sunny and in the low 50's so I got out and jogged a couple miles to take it in.  Now, as long as I stick to the plan, I'll hit exactly 1500 miles for the year.

Friday - I took the day off of work for the upcoming Christmas weekend and jogged a nice five mile recovery run.

Saturday - I lost a lot of sleep worrying about the MP run that was scheduled for this day.  In the end, the weather just wouldn't cooperate.  So I bagged the 16 miler and just ran 7 at easy pace through my neighborhood.  I pushed the the 16 miler off to Monday.

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