Monday, December 5, 2016

Marathon Number Six - Week Three

Week three of training looks like this:

Sunday, Rest or cross training
Monday, General aerobic 10M
Tuesday, Recovery 4M
Wednesday, Lactate threshold 8M w/4M @ HM pace
Thursday, Rest or cross training
Friday, Recovery 4M
Saturday, Medium long run 14M


Weight: 180

Health: Other than being fatigued, I feel OK.  Piriformis is holding steady.


Sunday - Grocery store, decorating for Christmas and football.

Monday - 10 miles of General Aerobic running.  My heart wasn't in it, but I got it done.  I took Copper with for the first slow mile then dropped him off and worked my way through the neighborhood a couple times.

Tuesday - 4 miles on the treadmill because it was raining.  I was supposed to run it at recovery pace but I hate running on the TM and ended up bumping the speed up so I could get it overwith.  8:15 avg pace.

Wednesday - I ran this one at work.  I did the first 4 at easy pace and headed over to the loop that is not quite a mile and did the HM pace workout there.  I think I ran this too fast but I didn't struggle much holding the pace and wasn't sore or overly fatigued afterward so maybe I did it right.  HM splits were 7:25, 7:13, 7:19, 7:18.

Thursday - Rest day.  I didn't so much in the way of cross training aside from push-ups. The office Christmas party was this day.  I ate way too much as usual but made up for it with a light dinner.

Friday - I'm proud of this little 4 mile recovery run because I was disciplined and kept my pace where it belonged, 8:38 avg pace.

Saturday - I pushed my long run to Sunday so I could join my training buddies for a change.  So instead of running I rode the indoor bike for an hour and then took Copper for a 1.5 mile walk.  I also did two sets of 30 push-ups.

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