Friday, January 6, 2017

Marathon Number Six - Week Seven

Week Seven of the training plan looks like this:

Sunday, Rest or cross training
Monday, Lactate threshold 10M w/6M @ HM pace
Tuesday, Recovery 4M
Wednesday, General aerobic 11M
Thursday, Rest or cross training
Friday, General aerobic + speed 7M w/ 8x100m strides
Saturday, Long run 18M


Weight: I'm afraid to look. I ate all the food over the holiday weekend.

Health: Pretty good. My back still hurts more than it should and that stupid sore on the top of my toe won't go away.  I bought some corn cushions to tape to my toe. That seems to help.


Sunday - New Years Day party at my house. Lots of food and a few beers.

Monday - I decided Sunday night that I wasn't going to do the 10M lactate threshold run on the schedule.  I was feeling a little burned out and tired. The cost of a few late nights in a row.  Instead I decided to flip a few things around on the schedule and do an easy run Monday and attempt the lactate threshold run on Tuesday.

The funny thing is that once I got out, I felt great! I don't know if it was just because the pressure was off since I decided against the hard run, or just because I had the day off of work.  I find it interesting that sometimes you go into a run expecting it to be bad and it turns out to be wonderful.  The words "I think I'm falling in love with running again" actually crossed my mind at one point.  I considered just going ahead and running the whole 10 but I didn't have my phone with me and I didn't want Cindi to worry when I didn't come home on time.  I added a mile because I was enjoying myself so much.

Of course sometimes the exact opposite happens.  You feel good, the weather is perfect and you have new shoes that are broken in to exactly where you like them best.  Then you start running and feel like death the whole time and wonder why you bother with such a stupid sport. The running gods are fickle.

Tuesday - The lesson for this run is to never put off for tomorrow what you could do today.  The light rain and drizzle that was so enjoyable on Monday was replaced by a cold steady rain on Tuesday.  I was on campus at White Oak and didn't have much flexibility in my schedule so waiting for after work wasn't an option. Around 12:30 I checked the weather and the radar indicated that the rain was passing soon so I headed out the door.  The cold and wet was a bit of a shock to the system and I immediately had thoughts of the fitness center for a run on the  treadmill.  Then I remembered what day it was. January 3rd, the first day back to work for a lot of people and peak "Resolution" season.  Treadmills are in high demand even when the gym isn't packed with n00bs.  Even if I was lucky enough to find one unoccupied I wouldn't be able to hog it for 90 minutes without getting the stink-eye from people waiting.  Besides, where is the glory in running on a treadmill and watching TV when you could be outside suffering?  So I opted to suffer; and suffer I did!

Part of my usual route through campus takes me on a short "out and back" section of an unpaved trail. I should have just skipped that part but being a creature of habit, I ran it anyway. It was there that I ran through what seemed like a lake and my shoes and socks absorbed about 100 pounds of water each. Again, I questioned my decision making skills.

The plan called for 10 with 6 at half marathon pace.  I like to use the phrase, "the plan called for..." because it takes the blame off of me.  I didn't choose to run 10 miles in the rain, THE PLAN MADE ME DO IT!  Anyway, I decided it would be very difficult to try and run at tempo in that kind of rain so I decided I would just do 10 at easy pace and be content with that.    I started having thoughts about cutting the run to 5 miles and just picking up the missed miles on my rest day.

Then, rather abruptly, as I approached the 4 mile mark the rain stopped.  I took that as a sign that I should give the tempo stuff a shot and picked up the pace.  I didn't hit HM pace in my water logged state, but I ran at marathon pace for the last 6 miles.  I even had fun for a while.

Wednesday - I considered switching my rest day to Wednesday after the hard run on Tuesday but the weather was too nice.  I jogged 11 miles with some friends at work who kept me company for about 6.  The relaxed pace was just what I needed and getting the run done put me back on schedule.

Thursday - Snow in the forecast and travel plans for Friday so I did the Friday workout on Thursday. I wasn't in the mood to do the 100M strides so I just ran the last mile hard and focused on my form. Close enough!

Friday - Rest day.

Saturday - Another rest day. I don't like taking two rest days in a row, but it can't be helped. I will spend 3.5 hours on the road so running isn't going to fit in to the plan.  Hopefully it will make the 18 miler that I now have to push off until Sunday a little easier.